Myrtle Beach Party Bus Pricing

If you want amazing luxury at great prices, then call Myrtle Beach Party Bus! We have the best rates on the most luxurious party buses and limousines in South Carolina! However, we don't publish our rates on line (more on this below), so simply give us a call for your personalized, individual quote. We'll ask for you to provide a few quick details about your event and we'll custom build a quote just for you.

But, why don't you have rates on your pricing page?

We do apologize for being unable to publish our hourly and package rates on our pricing page. However, we believe you'll understand the reasoning once we explain just why we are unable to do so.

Because of our unique pricing methodology, we do not have a constant pricing structure throughout the year. For many years, the industry standard was to simply figure out a rate based on the highest demand times of year, and price for the year accordingly. We wanted something better. So, we designed a pricing paradigm which focused on delivering our company a baseline profit percentage. This requires us to be proactive. We have proficient analysts who figure out what our profit is going to be based on market conditions at any given point of the year. We then are able to lower our rates accordingly whenever we anticipate our costs to be lower. This works out for you because if you book during a lower demand point in time, you'll be able to save money!

Here's what our pricing scheme allows you to do...

Because we have flexible (and fully transparent) pricing - you are able to ask us this one simple question: What can I do to save money? If you simply want to plan a day to enjoy the finest luxury transportation, you can plan your date around the more affordable time-frames in our schedule. Simply ask your booking agent when rates will be the most affordable (typically avoiding peak wedding & prom season), and we will guide you to a date and time that will be the most affordable to you and your party. It really is that simple!

For Accurate Quotes

Please have the following information on hand for accurate price quotes:

  • Date of event
  • time and location of pick up
  • number of passengers
  • length of event
  • type of event
  • and time and location of drop off

Need pricing or availability? Let us know!